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bullet.jpg Ragdoll Kittens for sale: 

Below are our Ragdoll kittens for sale: 

 Please call (512)-718-9632 or e-mail us at Kittens@JamilasRagdolls.com

For inquires or any other questions.

 Information about purchasing a Ragdoll kitten from us is listed at the bottom of this page

DNA testing available to confirm color

Click here to see some of our previous Ragdoll kittens, on our colors & patters page

Page updated 3-23-2015

Visit us on Facebook for even more pictures!



Pay for your kitten in full now and receive a $200 discount

(Limited time only)


Blue- Blue point mitted male Ragdoll: 

On hold for Jeff

Location: Texas

Date of birth: 2-25-2015

Ready to come home: 5-20-2015

Mother: Kalia

Father: Dylan

Pet price:$950 

 Texas sale tax (6.75%) will be added

A 3% Paypal fee will be added if paying via Paypal


Piper-Seal lynx point mitted female Ragdoll: 

On hold for Karen

Location: Texas

Date of birth: 2-28-2015

Ready to come home: 5-23-2015

Mother: Leah

Father: Chance

Pet price:$1100

 Texas sale tax (6.75%) will be added

A 3% Paypal fee will be added if paying via Paypal

Piper will look like Kaden (on our colors and patterns page)

Pictures taken 3-22-2015:


Waiting list:

(Waiting list and deposits made for reservations, waiting list updated  3-23-2015

Deposits in the order they were received:

1) Tom: paid a deposit for a seal point or seal point mitted male kitten


On the list without deposits:

 Lisa: on the list for a seal mink female (looks like Kisses)

 Christel: on the list for a seal mink

 Karen: on the list for a pointed female from Leah

Sarah: on the list for a blue point kitten ready to go home July 2015

Elizabith: On the list for a mink kitten

Sky: On the list for a kitten, to be contacted after Kristinna and Elizabith select their kittens

Kate: On list for a blue or seal mink kitten

Lisa R: On the list for a seal point 

Jonathan: On the list for a blue mink or a blue mink mitted from Kisses and Dylan's litter

Jeff: On the list to be contacted when kittens are available

Molly: On the list for a kitten, preferably a female, blue point or lynx

Christopher D: On the list for a female kitten to go home July 2015

Marcy: On the list for a male kitten ready to go home July 2015 

Kay: on the list for a pointed female kitten

Raleisha: On the list for a kitten (color/pattern and sex not specified)

Cassie: On the list for 2 kittens to go home August 2015 or after

(Everyone on our waiting list will be contacted when kittens are born/available, priority is given to the order deposits are received)


Future litters:

Kisses and Dylan mated 2-7-2015, might have a litter born around April 14th, ready to go home around July 7th

Kisses and Dylan can have: 

Seal point, Seal point mitted

 Seal mink, Seal mink mitted

Seal sepia, Seal sepia mitted

 Blue point, Blue point mitted

 Blue mink, Blue mink mitted

Blue sepia, blue sepia mitted


Sunny and Chance  mated 2-24-2015, might have a litter born around May 1st, ready to go home around July 24th

Sunny and Chance can have: 

Seal point, Seal point mitted

Seal mink, Seal mink mitted

 Blue point, Blue point mitted

 Blue mink, Blue mink mitted

Seal tortie point, Seal tortie point mitted

Seal tortie mink, Seal tortie mink mitted

Blue cream point, Blue cream point mitted

Blue cream mink, Blue cream mink mitted

Red point, Red point mitted

Red mink, Red mink mitted

Cream point, cream point mitted


Note:These colors and patterns listed above are what they can have, they may not have all of the above in their litters.


Available = Ragdoll kitten is for sale 

(A non-refundable deposit of $300 is required to reserve this kitten) 

On hold = 1) awaiting deposit to be received.

 2) Customer might switch their deposit to or from an other kitten.

(This kitten may become available.)

Reserved Deposit or payment in full received, but kitten has not yet left Jamila's Ragdolls

(Sometimes customers switch their deposit to an other available kitten, if you like one of our reserved Ragdoll kittens, please contact us so we can let you know if she/he becomes available.)

Purchasing a Ragdoll kitten from Jamila's Ragdolls: 

Starting 2/1/2014, we require a short interview to ensure finding the best homes for our Ragdoll kittens. This interview can take place when you come to visit us, or over the phone. This interview is also to benefit you, so you can be matched up with your ideal Ragdoll kitten!

Note: this interview will not contain questions involving sensitive personal information.

Questions will be such as:

What do you think about declawing? 

What are the most 3 things you are looking for in your new family addition?

What will you do for your Ragdoll kitten/cat if an injury or such accrues? 

If you no longer can care for, or keep your Ragdoll kitten/cat; do you fully agree to abide by our sale contract and return her/him to us? For us to find her/him a good home? 

We love and care for all our cats and kittens, saying goodbye is never easy, but handing them over knowing they are going to good homes, with loving families, that's the greatest joyful satisfaction we can ask for.

What we promise:

All our Ragdoll cats and kittens are TICA registered. 

Kittens become available at 12 weeks of age.

All our Ragdoll kittens go home litter box and scratching post trained, and microchipped.

We give every kitten/cat their full attention, love, and care.

Your kitten comes with a health record and a health certificate, showing that the immunizations and de-worming are up-to-date. 

We do not recommend or give FIP and FeLV Vaccines, as they can be very harmful to Ragdolls. We do however, test for FIP, FIV, and FeLV in all our breeding cats.

Your kitten/cat's TICA registration paper will be mailed to you within 60 days, once proof of spay/neuter has been received (for pet or show only). We will provide you with a 2 page form (proof of spay/neuter certification form) at the time of sale, you can get it filled by your vet when you get your kitten spayed/neutered, and return it to us.

Our goal is to provide outstanding temperament, well socialized Ragdoll kittens. To have an excellent selection, to provide you with both the look and personality that suits you and your family.

We promise to be available, before and after the sale to answer all your questions, concerns, or just to chat about your kitten/cat. 


   To reserve your kitten, a non-refundable deposit of $300 will hold a kitten of your choice, until he/she is ready to leave our home (12 weeks old).

Please contact us to reserve your kitten, for availability or any other questions or concerns you may have.

We will only hold a kitten with a deposit, priority is given to the order deposits are received.

Waiting list:

   Please call or e-mail us if you are looking for a specific kitten/cat, to be placed on our waiting list. Provide us with your name, e-mail, and what you're looking for. When we have kittens available, or a kitten/cat that matches what you are looking for, we will contact you by e-mail. 

Note: Being on the waiting list doesn't guarantee you the 1st pick, we notify all on the waiting list, and priority is given to the order deposits are received.

(Updated 2-27-2015) Here is more info about our waiting list:

Our kitten's have become highly desirable, many get reserved as early as the day they are born.

We take pictures when Kittens are born, and update them about once a week there after.

As of 2-27-2015, We no longer accept deposits before kittens are born, If you are on our waiting list, you will be contacted when kittens are born, you may place a deposit then on one of the available kittens.

Each deposit holds one specific kitten, we will not hold multiple kittens with one deposit.

You can always transfer your deposit to any other available kitten if you happen to change your mind, but once your kitten is 11 weeks old, your deposit will be locked to that kitten.

We will not hold any kitten without a deposit.

We allow scheduled at home visits, kittens will be vaccinated at 8 weeks old, and you can visit them anytime after with an appointment.



   A contract will be provided with each kitten purchased. The contract is intended to protect the seller, buyer, and most importantly, the kittens.

Please contact us if you'd like a copy of our contract in advance.

You must be 18 years or older to sign a contract.

Note: a copy of your state ID/DL is required, as we need it to verify you are in fact older than 18 years old (by state law we can not sign a legal contract with a miner). Also to ensure contact info provided on our sale contract belongs to the person signing the contract, and not using a fake name or contact info.

Please understand as we need to ensure all kittens sold as pet get spayed/neutered, we need to make sure we can reach you to obtain proof of spay/neuter.

Spay and neuter contract: We are required by TICA to obtain proof of spay/neuter on all kittens sold as pets, in order for us to abide by our contract with TICA, we need you to abide by your contract with us, by providing us proof of spay and neuter. 

We understand you may simply forget to send us proof of spay/neuter, we will email you a reminder or 2. We do not want or wish to have to take anyone to court, but if you breach our sale contract, you leave us with no other choice.

As a member of TICA's responsible breeder program, we need to stand by TICA's code of ethics.


   We ship only within the US and Canada. We ship using United cargo Petsafe or Delta cargo for pets, as they have air-conditioning and heat for the animals.

The fee usually runs $275- $375 depending on the weight, time, and airlines.(Shipping cost is paid by Buyer).

Or we can meet you at the airport in Austin TX, and you can fly back with your kitten/kittens.


   We will drive up to one hour to meet you with your kitten at no additional cost, any additional driving will be left up to our discretion.

Note: any driving to meet or deliver will be decided upon availability of time.


   We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, e-check, Paypal, and Paypal bill me later. You will receive a Paypal invoice to your e-mail with these options to pay.

We accept checks and money orders for deposits only. If you wish to pay for your kitten in full, with one of these payment methods, Check or money order must clear one week before pickup/delivery.

Note: Payments to pay for your kitten/kittens in full, must be received one week before pickup/delivery, unless paying cash on pickup date.

Payments must clear before you can take your kitten home.

Ragdoll kittens price:

Our Ragdoll kittens are priced based on each kitten's quality, looks, and temperament. We put into consideration when pricing our kittens for sale; a balance in pricing from one kitten to the other, to ensure equal opportunities for all kittens to find good homes in a timely matter (12 weeks old). 

Ones that are likely to sell faster (because of great looks, temperament, and/or quality) get priced higher. 

If you see a kitten priced less than others, please feel free to ask why. Most are great quality, and have a wonderful temperament; difference in price might be because of looks only.

We get many customers and as everything else, people have different taste and wants. Some like pointed Ragdolls, some like Mink Ragdolls. Some are only looking for personality and temperament, others desire great looks.........

Pointed Ragdolls: 

Pet price: $850- $1150

Breeder price: $1800- $2200

BEW Ragdolls (White Ragdolls):

Pet price: $1000- $1300

Breeder price: $2000- $2300

Mink Ragdolls:

Pet price: $1200- $1600

Breeder price: $2200- $2600

Sepia Ragdolls:

Pet price: $1300- $1800

Breeder price: $2300- $2800

We don't have Solid Ragdolls


We may have special offers from time to time, please check with us if you would like to know about our current or future specials.

We do offer discounts to returning customers, and customers that purchase more than one Ragdoll kitten- contact us for info.

Offers can not be combined, only one special/discount can be used per Ragdoll kitten, when specials/discounts are being offered.


Visit our Favorite links page, to see links for other reputable breeders we recommend! 

Thank you!





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