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bullet.jpg Ragdoll Kittens for sale: 

Below are our Ragdoll kittens for sale: 

 Please call (512)-718-9632 or e-mail us at Kittens@JamilasRagdolls.com

For inquires or any other questions.

 Information about purchasing a Ragdoll kitten from us is listed at the bottom of this page. If you are interested in one of our available or future kittens, please complete the kitten application at the bottom of this page.

DNA testing available to confirm color

Click here to see some of our previous Ragdoll kittens, on our colors & patterns page

Page updated 5-26-2017

Visit us on Facebook for even more pictures! 


Available Ragdoll Kittens: 


 Upcoming litters:

Starburst & Valentino's litter should be born around 6-1-2017: 

Starburst had an ultrasound done at 8 weeks pregnant, we are expectin 2 big kittens in this litter. 

All females in this litter will be held back for breeder evaluation

Starburst's kittens will be ready to go home by 8-26-2017

Expecting traditional, mink, & sepia kittens 

 Colorpoint and bicolor 

In all colors: Seal, Chocolate, Blue, Lilac, red, cream

Some will be lynx, some non lynx

Some will be tortie, and some will be torbie

Darleen & Valentino's litter should be born around 6-19-2017:  

All females in this litter will be held back for breeder evaluation

Darleen's kittens will be ready to go home by 9-9-2017

Expecting traditional & mink kittens 

 Colorpoint and mitted 

In these colors: Seal & Blue

Some will be lynx, some non lynx 

Grace & Sammy's litter should be born around 6-19-2017: 

All females in this litter will be held back for breeder evaluation

Grace's kittens will be ready to go home by 9-9-2017

Expecting all to be traditional kittens 

 Bicolor and van bicolor

In these colors: Seal, chocolate, Blue, & Lilac

Heather & Sammy's litter should be born around 6-23-2017: 

Heather's kittens will be ready to go home by 9-16-2017

Expecting traditional & solid kittens 

 Bicolor and mitted 

In these colors: Seal, Chocolate, Blue, lilac, black (solid seal)


Waiting list:

Note: No deposit is required to be on our waiting list, the ones marked as deposit received, have transferred their deposit from a previous kitten to a future kitten. 

Our waiting list is really a 'To be contacted' list, everyone on our wait list will be contacted the same day, priority is only given in the order deposits are received.

The ones in yellow were contacted 5-12-2017 by email

If you did not receive an email from us 5-12-2017, It is because we didn't have kittens that fit what you are looking for.

 Alison W- Ragdoll kitten (Application #44)

Becky W- A traditional female kitten from Darleen, Grace, or Heather (Application complete #34)

Billy A- Traditional or mink male- blue lynx point mitted (application #31)

Charley H- Blue lynx point mitted male or mitted (Application #41)

Chuan- Bicolor kitten (Application #39)

Connie- Valentino (lynx) baby (Interview complete)

Cori and Bailey- blue mink kitten (Application #24+25)

Dani- Ragdoll kitten 

Deborah- Seal or blue point (Application #28)

Debra R- Male kitten- lilac, cream, white (Application #8)

DeMia- Red or cream or any male kitten (Application #7 & interview complete)

Elvia- Breeder quality female from Grace or Darleen (Deposit received)

 Glenna- Valentino baby (Returning customer)

Hillary- Solid blue or lilac bicolor (Heather's litter- Deposit received)

Jacquelyn- Ragdoll kitten (Returning customer)

Jennifer S- Female kitten (Application # 45)

Jessica T- BEW female kitten (Application #5)

Joel- Chocolate mink or sepia (Application# 16)

John B- Chocolate point bicolor male for show (Application complete)

Jonathan S- Sepia or BEW female (Application #13)

Julie- Seal, blue, chocolate, or lilac in any of the patterns

Kara- Seal mink male or any (Application #36)

Krystal P- Seal or chocolate mink kitten (Application #10)

Laura Z- Blue point mitted female (Application #18)

Laurie- Seal mink mitted kitten

Lisa M- Traditional seal van female (Application #15+20)

Liz S- Blue or seal mink mitted (from Starbust or next litter with mink)

Mark- Seal sepia (From Starburst and Valentino)

Mark S- BEW or Seal mink mitted male (Application #32)

Melinda W- Any color bicolor or van or all white (Application #38)

Parsy- Seal mitted male (Application #33)

Paul- Seal point mitted (Returning customer)

Phyllis- Ragdoll kitten from Darleen (Returning customer)

Saima- Traditional or mink seal,chocolate, or blue colorpoint female (Application #17)

Valerie- Blue mink mitted male (Deposit received/Returning customer)

Victoria- Ragdoll kitten


Available = Ragdoll kitten is for sale. 

(A non-refundable deposit of $300+ $20.25 TX sale tax is required to reserve this kitten)

On hold = 1) Awaiting deposit to be received (check in the mail).

 2) Customer might switch their deposit to or from an other kitten.

3) On hold for breeder quality evaluation.

(This kitten may become available.)

Reserved Deposit or payment in full received, but kitten has not yet left Jamila's Ragdolls

(Sometimes customers switch their deposit to an other available kitten, if you like one of our reserved Ragdoll kittens, please contact us so we can let you know if she/he becomes available.)


Purchasing a Ragdoll kitten from Jamila's Ragdolls (1-10): 

Purchasing process, terms and conditions:

1) Fill out our kitten application below.

2) Complete a short phone interview, during this interview we will be happy to answer any questions you have for us as well.

3) We will email you a sale contract for the kitten you would like to reserve, to read and complete.

4) Contact us if you have any questions regarding the contract.

5) Pay the deposit to reserve your kitten. We can email you an invoice to pay via Paypal, you don't have to have a Paypal account, you can use any form of payment to pay this invoice. Such as a credit card, debit card, or an echeck.

Or mail us a check to:

Jamila's Ragdolls

140 Moccasin bend drive

Smithville, TX 78957


   To reserve your kitten, a non-refundable deposit of $300+$20.25 TX sale tax will hold a kitten of your choice.

Deposit terms and conditions:

1) We only accept deposits on available kittens.

2) Deposits are non refundable.

3) Each deposit reserves one specific kitten, we will not hold multiple kittens with one deposit.

4) We will only hold a kitten with a deposit, priority is given to the order deposits are received.

5) Deposits are transferrable, but here are the terms and conditions for that:

a) To transfer your deposit from one kitten to an other, you must request to transfer before your reserved kitten is 10 weeks old.

b) If you are transferring to a future kitten (not born yet at the time of transfer), you will be contacted when we have kittens born, your deposit/money must be placed on a certain kitten at that time, but can be transferred to an other (see terms 2-5).

c) Deposits expire after 1 year from received date, and your deposit will no longer be transferrable.

6) We reserve the right to cancel the sale at anytime, all money will be refunded.

Please contact us to reserve your kitten, for availability or any other questions or concerns you may have.

6) Submit the contract to us. You can fax, email, or mail it to us. Contract must be complete with a copy of your state ID/DL, and received within 1-7 days from when deposit was received.

7) When your kitten is 5 weeks old, a down payment in the amount of $600.00 plus sale tax is due, due date for this amount will be on the sale contract. We will send you a Paypal invoice, or you can mail us a check. Check/payment must be received before your kitten is 6 weeks old, no exceptions. This down payment is refundable only when your kitten is 8-10 weeks old, if you decide not to get a kitten from us. It is transferrable just like the deposit.

8) Remaining balance with sale tax will be due one week before pickup if paying by Paypal or check, we only accept cash on pickup date.

9) You are allowd to visit once and meet your kitten, after your kitten receives his/her 1st vaccine. Contact us to schedule this visit, you can schedule this visit when your kitten is 8-10 weeks old. 

10) Kittens go home at 12 weeks old, we will let you know when you reserve your kitten the weekend/dates your kitten can go home. If you are planning a vacation or it won't be a good time for you to bring your kitten home, please let us know. Any arrangements that need to be made for us to keep your kitten longer than the dates provided, are subject to aproval. A fee may be charged for each additional week, to cover our additional expenses ($60 per week).


Waiting list:

Starting date 3-10-2017, to be on our waiting list, a kitten application and phone interview must be complete. 

Note: We changed our waiting list policy because of the large volume of calls and emails we receive. We aren't able to produce enough kittens to all who are contacting us, but we will be happy to refer you to other breeders near you.

What we promise:

All our Ragdolls are SBT registered with TICA. 

Kittens are ready to go home at 12 weeks of age.

All our Ragdoll kittens go home litter box and scratching post trained.

All our kittens are microchipped, and up to date on vaccines.

We give every kitten/cat their full attention, love, and care.

Your kitten comes with a health record and a health certificate, showing that the immunizations and de-worming are up-to-date. 

We do not recommend or give FIP and FeLV Vaccines, as they can be very harmful to Ragdolls. We do however, test for FIP, FIV, and FeLV in all our breeding cats.

Your kitten/cat's TICA registration paper will be e-mailed to you within 60 days, once proof of spay/neuter has been received (for pet or show only). We will provide you with a 2 page form (proof of spay/neuter certification form) at the time of sale, you can get it filled by your vet when you get your kitten spayed/neutered, and return it to us.

Our goal is to provide outstanding temperament, well socialized Ragdoll kittens. To have an excellent selection, to provide you with both the look and personality that suits you and your family.

We promise to be available, before and after the sale to answer all your questions, concerns, or just to chat about your kitten/cat. 

Visiting your kitten:

We allow scheduled at home visits after kittens have been vaccinated, at 8-10 weeks of age. Visitation is available only to those who have paid a deposit.


   A contract will be provided with each kitten purchased. The contract is intended to protect the seller, buyer, and most importantly, the kittens.

Please contact us if you'd like a copy of our contract in advance.

We update our sale contract sometimes, so if you have purchased from us before, your new contract might have a few changes.

Please read the contract before completing, and let us know if you have any questions.

You must be 18 years or older to sign a contract.

Note: a copy of your state ID/DL is required, as we need it to verify you are in fact older than 18 years old (by state law we cannot sign a legal contract with a miner). Also to ensure contact info provided on our sale contract belongs to the person signing the contract, and not using a fake name or contact info.

Please understand as we need to ensure all kittens sold as pet get spayed/neutered, we need to make sure we can reach you to obtain proof of spay/neuter.

Spay and neuter contract: We are required by TICA to obtain proof of spay/neuter on all kittens sold as pets, in order for us to abide by our contract with TICA, we need you to abide by your contract with us, by providing us proof of spay and neuter. 

We understand you may simply forget to send us proof of spay/neuter, we will email you a reminder or 2. We do not want or wish to have to take anyone to court, but if you breach our sale contract, you leave us with no other choice.

As a member of TICA's responsible breeder program, we need to stand by TICA's code of ethics.


   We will drive up to one hour to meet you with your kitten at no additional cost, any additional driving will be left up to our discretion.

Note: any driving to meet or deliver will be decided upon availability of time.


   We accept all major credit cards, debit cards, e-check, Paypal, and Paypal bill me later. You will receive a Paypal invoice to your e-mail with these options to pay, a 3.1% Paypal fee will be added.

We accept checks and money orders, if you wish to pay for your kitten in full with one of these payment methods, Check or money order must clear one week before pickup/delivery.

Note: Payments to pay for your kitten/kittens in full, must be received one week before pickup/delivery, unless paying cash on pickup date.

Payments must clear before you can take your kitten home.

Ragdoll kittens price:

Our Ragdoll kittens are priced based on each kitten's quality, colors/markings, and temperament. We put into consideration when pricing our kittens for sale; a balance in pricing from one kitten to the other, to ensure equal opportunities for all kittens to find good homes in a timely matter (12 weeks old). 

Ones that are likely to sell faster (because of great looks, temperament, and/or quality) get priced higher. 

If you see a kitten priced less than others, please feel free to ask why. Most are great quality, and have a wonderful temperament; difference in price might be because of color/markings only.

We get many customers and as everything else, people have different taste and wants. Some like traditional Ragdolls, some like Mink Ragdolls. Some are only looking for personality and temperament, others desire certain colors.........

Traditional (Point) Ragdolls: 

Pet price: $1250- $1350

Breeder price: $2250- $2350

BEW Ragdolls (White Ragdolls):

Pet price: $1450- $1550

Breeder price: $2450- $2550

Mink Ragdolls:

Pet price: $1450- $1650

Breeder price: $2450- $2650

Sepia Ragdolls:

Pet price: $1650- $1850

Breeder price: $2650- $2850

Solid Ragdolls: 

Pet price: $1650- $1850

Breeder price: $2650- $2850  


We may have special offers from time to time, please check with us if you would like to know about our current or future specials.

We do offer discounts to returning customers, and customers that purchase more than one Ragdoll kitten-$100 off.

Offers cannot be combined, only one special/discount can be used per Ragdoll kitten, when specials/discounts are being offered.



Fill out my online form.


We offer a few cat products for sale, you can visit our online shop here:




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